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Aka : Beelzebul - “lord of the dung,” Beelzebub - “lord of the flies.” Beelzeboul- “ lord of the dwelling.” , Baalzebub 

Element/sin : diseases 

Shape :  Usually appears in the form of a fly, a gargantuan cow, or a male goat with a long tail. He had a tendency to vomit flames when angered.

He has cavernous nostrils and two big horns sprout from his head with ducks' feet, a lion's tail and is covered from head to foot with thick black hair while large bat wings adorn his back. 

Rank : Prince of Demons, lives in Africa. The leader of the Golden Dawn, S. L. MacGregor Mathers, put Beelzebub in the second demonic order in the sphere of Chokmah, below Satan and Moloch but above Lucifer 

Origin : He was an idol of the Canaanites, and his best known shrine was in the Philistine city of Ekron. When King Ahaziah of Israel consulted his oracle in Ekron, he brought upon himself the wrath of the prophet Elijah.  

Magic : At witches' sabbaths Beelzebub was lord and master over all the rites, and it was in his name that Jesus was denied. Eucharist was given with the seal of Beelzebub imprinted upon the pieces of bread instead of the symbol of Christ. Said to have possessed the nun, Sister Madeleine de Demandoix, of the Ursuline Convent near Aix-en-Provence. 

Association :  often confused with Satan, Satanackia and Fleruty are his inferior demons 

Source : Matthew XII 24-29, Luke XI 15-22, Gospel of Nicodemus, Kabbale, Milton, Testament of Salomon, Grimorium Verum, Cazotte 

Quote :

     'It is only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons, that this man casts out demons' - Matthew 9:34

    "There are some of the school of the theologians who distribute the evil spirits into nine degrees, as contrary to the nine orders of the angels. Therefore the first of these are those which are called False Gods, who usurping the name of God, would be worshipped for gods, and require sacrifices and adorations, as that Devil, who saith to Christ, if thou wilt fall down and worshop me, I will give thee all these things, showing him all the kingdoms of the world; and the prince of these is he who said, I will ascend above the height of the clouds, and will be like to the Most High; who is therefore called Beelzebub, that is, an old god." Cornelius Agrippa

    “I conjure bind and charge thee by Lucifer
    Beelzebub, Sathanas, Jauconill, and by their power,
    And by the homage thou owest unto them
    And also I charge thee by the triple crown
    Of Cerberus' head, by Styx and Phegiton,
    By your fellow and private devil Baranter,
    That you do torment and punish this disobedient
    Demon until you make him come corporally
    To my sight and obey my will and
    Commandments in whatsoever I shall charge
    Or command thee to do. Fiat, Fiat, Fiat.
    Amen.”  Unknown

    And I summoned again to stand before me Beelzeboul, the prince of demons, and I sat him down on a raised seat of honour, and said to him: "Why art thou alone, prince of the demons?"  And he said to me: "Because I alone am left of the angels of heaven that came down.  For I was first angel in the first heaven, being entitled Beelzeboul.  And now I control all who are bound in Tartarus . . . "

    I Solomon said unto him: "Beelzeboul, what is thy employment?"  And he answered me: "I destroy kings.  I ally myself with foreign tyrants.  And my own demons I set on to men, in order that the latter may believe in them and be lost.  And the chosen servants of God, priests and faithful men, I excite unto desires for wicked sins, and evil heresies, and lawless deeds; and they obey me, and I bear them on to destruction.  And I inspire men with envy, and murder, and for wars and sodomy, and other evil things.  And I will destroy the world . . . "

    I said to him: "Tell me by what angel thou art frustrated."  And he answered: "By the holy and precious name of the Almighty God, called by the Hebrews by a row of numbers, of which the sum is 644, and among the Greeks it is Emmanuel.   And if one of the Romans adjure me by the name of the power Eleêth, I disappear at once."  Testament of Solomon 

    “the invocation to make visible the appearance of such fearful potencies as Amaymon, Egyn, and Beelzebub would probably result in the death of the exorcist on the spot; such death presenting the symptoms of one arising from Epilepsy, Apoplexy, or Strangulation.'” MacGregor Mathers

    "Beelzebub was Prince of the Seraphim, the next unto Lucifer. For all the princes, that is to say all the chief of the nine choirs of angels, are fallen; and of the choir of Seraphim there fell the three first, to wit, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Leviathan, who did all revolt." Sister Madeleine de Demandoix of Aix-en-Provence

    "Then Hell, receiving Satan the prince, with sore reproach said unto him: O prince of perdition and chief of destruction, Beelzebub, the scorn of the angels and spitting of the righteous why wouldest thou do this? Thou wouldest crucify the King of glory and at his decease didst promise us great spoils of his death: like a fool thou knewest not what thou didst. For behold now, this Jesus putteth to flight by the brightness of his majesty all the darkness of death, and hath broken the strong depths of the prisons, and let out the prisoners and loosed them that were bound. And all that were sighing in our torments do rejoice against us, and at their prayers our dominions are vanquished and our realms conquered, and now no nation of men feareth us any more. And beside this, the dead which were never wont to be proud triumph over us, and the captives which never could be joyful do threaten us. O prince Satan, father of all the wicked and ungodly and renegades wherefore wouldest thou do this? They that from the beginning until now have despaired of life and salvation-now is none of their wonted roarings heard, neither doth any groan from them sound in our ears, nor is there any sign of tears upon the face of any of them. O prince Satan, holder of the keys of hell, those thy riches which thou hadst gained by the tree of transgression and the losing of paradise, thou hast lost by the tree of the cross, and all thy gladness hath perished. When thou didst hang up Christ Jesus the King of glory thou wroughtest against thyself and against me. Henceforth thou shalt know what eternal torments and infinite pains thou art to suffer in my keeping for ever. O prince Satan, author of death and head of all pride, thou oughtest first to have sought out matter of evil in this Jesus: Wherefore didst thou adventure without cause to crucify him unjustly against whom thou foundest no blame, and to bring into our realm the innocent and righteous one, and to lose the guilty and the ungodly and unrighteous of the whole world? And when Hell had spoken thus unto Satan the prince, then said the King of glory unto Hell: Satan the prince shall be in thy power unto all ages in the stead of Adam and his children, even those that are my righteous ones" - Gospel of Nicodemus VII (XXIII)


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